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General Election 2015: The independent mind of Stuart Hooper

ONE OF the independent candidates for South Basildon and East Thurrock is Corringham man, Stuart Hooper.

YT caught up with Stuart in Corringham Town Centre to discuss the main components of his campaign and what motivated the former Gable Hall student to run.

Below is the film and a Q and A sheet.

Why is Stuart running for MP?

The choices currently available to us in the General Election offer little hope in rectifying the abysmal political situation we find ourselves in. The Conservative government has implemented a regime of destructive austerity measures, while failing to tackle numerous political and financial scandals. The Labour party openly admits that they will continue to use a policy of austerity cuts, and it will take them until 2020 to get to their £8 an hour minimum wage target. UKIP have no solutions to the causes of our problems and are only interested in scapegoating immigrants and EU regulations. Meanwhile, The Liberal Democrats and other independent candidates you will see on the ballot are entirely irrelevant at this point. The Green Party has not even shown up!

I am the only true anti-austerity candidate on the ballot, who also has a plan to develop and rebuild our economy – a plan that quite literally no other candidate or party in the entire country is offering.

Ending Austerity

Immediate end to all public cuts attacking the most vulnerable. Why have the people been ‘cut’, while the banks have been ‘bailed out’? This needs to be completely turned around.

The NHS and Healthcare

Labour are promising to only protect the NHS. We need to go far further than that. The NHS needs to be strengthened, expanded and developed in such a way that will make it the best healthcare service in the entire world. Our hospitals need their waiting times drastically cut, more doctors need to be trained and the UK should be at the forefront of biomedical research and development.


Without my exceptional secondary education at Gable Hall School, I would not be studying for a Master’s Degree today. Our schools need to be well staffed and funded in order to ensure we maintain world class education. Education Maintenance Allowance, particular useful for young people in our area as the colleges are further afield, needs to be reinstated immediately to prepare our youth for university. University should not be a financial burden, but an opportunity free from such worries. If Scotland can manage to provide free university education, so can we. Many of our gifted young people are avoiding university altogether, we can turn that around.

A Living Wage

While we have so many people unable to find higher paying jobs, we need to establish a minimum wage that is a living wage of at least £8 per hour rising yearly in line with inflation. Labour wants this done by 2020, I want it done immediately.

Re-Industrialisation and Infrastructure Development

The closure and demolition of Coryton Oil Refinery was one of the most appalling decisions we have seen in our area. Local, highly skilled and high paying jobs have been lost to places as far away as Scotland and even Saudi Arabia. Industry of this nature should be cherished, maintained and developed. We need to bring those highly skilled and high paying jobs back to our local economy. Moreover, we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Roads throughout the constituency are crumbling, street lights are collapsing, our schools and hospitals need rebuilding and expanding.

Financial Regulation

The financial industry has been responsible for an almost endless list of crises and scandals, which have been enabled by a lack of proper financial regulation. We need to implement laws that put these big financial institutions, not small businesses, under strict regulatory measures to hold them accountable when things go wrong.


The reason some people believe we have an immigration problem is because we have a terrible labour market. There are simply not enough jobs, which leads to the appearance of an immigration problem. If we have too few jobs, we need to create more jobs not cut the population! My policies of re-industrialisation and infrastructure development will create thousands of jobs locally and millions nationally.

Foreign Policy

No more wars along the lines of Afghanistan and Iraq, along with an immediate end to interference in the domestic affairs of other sovereign states.

How do we pay for all of my ideas?

1% City of London Financial Transaction Tax

This is a 1% tax on all trading done by the big financial institutions responsible for the crisis, not individuals or small businesses.

Nationalising the Bank of England

The Bank of England was used during the financial crisis to bail out those failing banks screaming they were too big to fail. I say the citizens of this country are too big to fail! We can use exactly the same credit creating power used to help banks, to help the people of this country out of this crisis.


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