Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Former Tilbury resident impressed with SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon

YT got to know Tilbury resident Terri Olley through the music of her son, Jordan Gray aka Tall Dark Friend.

Last year, Terri moved to Musselburgh, just outside Edinburgh.

Terri has always kept an eye on the local and political scenes and that seems to have transferred to Scotland.

Terri was walking down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh when she spotted the woman of the moment, the first minister of Scotland and SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon.

So, Terri did what most people do nowadays and took the obligatory selfie!

Terri said: "Since moving to Scotland I have been impressed with the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.

"I think she has been a real star in the General Election and I am not surprised the SNP under her stewardship has been so popular."


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