Grays Convent Head sets record straight over pupil brawl on Grays High Street

THE HEADTEACHER of Grays Convent has written home to parents of pupils at the school, to set the record straight over an incident in Grays High Street on Tuesday afternoon.

As reported on YT, shopkeepers and shoppers were dismayed at the sight of pupils brawling in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day.

Headteacher, Penny Johnson said:

‘You may be aware that some pupils have appeared in an article in the ‘Your Thurrock’ website, over an incident that occurred in Grays High Street on Tuesday evening. Whilst the reporting is accurate, I wish to point out that the information reported appeared to make a connection between a potential robbery at a Cashpoint and our students being in the High Street. There is no connection with our students and this event.

"The incident that occurred last night was an altercation between two pupils, which has been dealt with most severely. A number of students were on their way home from school and as a result collected to watch the event; security guards from Grays Shopping Centre moved students on.

"Can I ask for your support in encouraging your daughter not to remain on Grays High Street on her way home in order to maintain our reputation as a good school. The majority of our pupils behave in an exemplary manner, and I thank you for your support in this matter.

Ms Johnson has also been in contact with the local shopkeepers in the town.

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