Work to begin on flood defences on Harrison’s Wharf in Purfleet

WORK will begin this week to repair the flood defences along the Thames Estuary at Harrison’s Wharf in Purfleet.

The defences which are a sheet piled flood wall, reduce the risk of flooding to people and 4,305 properties in Purfleet.

The damaged sections of concrete blocks, which provide erosion protection will be repaired to restore them to their original condition.

Graham Verrier, of Environment Agency who will be carrying out the works, said: “Whilst the existing defences suffered some damage in the 2013 tidal surge, they did successfully reduce the risk of flooding to people and properties in Purfleet.

“However we need to be confident that any further flood events can be withstood for many years to come which is why this work is so important.”

The work is expected to take three months to complete and the existing standard of flood risk protection will be maintained throughout the works.

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