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What is to become of the Flowers Estate in South Ockendon?

TUCKED at the back of a Thurrock Council cabinet meeting last week was a good news story about the plans for new council housing in Thurrock.

From Argent Street in Grays to Claudian Way in Purfleet, new council housing could be springing up over the next few years.

Most people in South Ockendon seem to be concerned about the plans to demolish the Prince of Wales pub on West Road but a careful read of the paperwork may cause residents of the Flowers Estate to perhaps play close attention to the details.

Is it all looking very similar to everyone’s favourite cuddly quango, the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation’s (DC) plans called the Aveley and South Ockendon masterplan.

The cabinet papers make reference to twelve units as part of the Flowers estate redevelopment with "broader regeneration" on the agenda.

This reporter remembers spending many a meeting back in 2006 plus in the sitting rooms of Tamarisk Road and Rosemary Close listening to the concerns of resident who were worried that their homes were gong to be bull-dozed.

In those days, they were led by the local councillors, cllrs Barry Lawrence and Amanda Arnold.

YT understands that the longer term plans could mean renovation that may affect the over 500 households

There are many that will say that the renovation is not before time and will enhance the quality of many a resident.

It will be interesting to see what the politicians, especially the two UKIP councillors think of the proposals.

We have contacted all three ward councillors and are awaiting a response.


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