Sunday, December 10, 2023

Tilbury councillor slams Thurrock MP over police cuts: "You ought to be ashamed of yourself"

A LEADING Tilbury councillor has slammed Thurrock MP over her comments on the police cuts in Thurrock.

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price told a newspaper that she wants police officers "to get out and about and not sitting in police stations."

The cuts mean that Tilbury, South Ockendon and Corringham police stations are set to be sold off; the number of PCSO’s will be cut from 250 to 60 across the whole county.

The cuts also re-inforce the message that 97% of anti-social behaviour incidents will be attended and a large tranche of crimes may not be investigated.

There may be further cuts to the number of warranted officers which have also been in sharp decline over the last few years.

In March, a man who identified himself as a Thurrock officer told Radio 4 that the number of officers patrolling the borough had now declined to four.

Tilbury councillor, Lynn Worrall said: "I am disgusted but not surprised by Jackie Doyle-Price’s attitude.

"We will no longer have a station in Tilbury. We will lose our precious PCSO’s who were our eyes and ears on the ground. Where is our hate crime officer.

"Who is going to deal with the anti-social behaviour from youths hanging outside the Tesco Express to bikers etc.

"We have a health crisis, a jobs crisis and now we have the virtual removal of policing from Tilbury.

"This is a real "I’m alright Jack-ie" attitude from the MP. She got re-elected, a 10% bonus and a promotion that means she has to toe the Tory line completely.

"No wonder all the Tory councillor are silent. Privately, I bet they are all embarrassed.."

YT has spoken to a number of Thurrock Conservatives who have told us they are digesting the facts and will issue a statement in due course.


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