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Thurrock Council pledge improvements to Flowers Estate in South Ockendon

THE next step in Thurrock Council’s plans to build more social housing for local people was examined at Wednesday (14 October) evening’s meeting of the cabinet.

Although plans had been thrown into doubt by the government’s insistence on a one per cent cut in council rents each year for the next four years, housing portfolio holder Cllr Lynn Worrall, said her team was looking at the options.

She said: “We can’t ignore the things we want to do and that’s why I want to talk about the Flowers Estate in South Ockendon.

“As we know, the estate is made up of low density and comparatively low quality homes, at least when compared to current standards – there is a major issue with damp and mould on the estate.

“However, there is, an opportunity to run a phased programme of regeneration using existing and poorly used land to create a new community or village centre hub, providing new neighbourhood and community facilities.

“These plans are in hand and now is the time for us to speak to ward councillors start engage with the local community about what we’re thinking. As ever, nothing is set in stone. You need the kernel of an idea to start the ball rolling and that’s exactly where we are.”

She said: “Over the coming weeks, months and – no doubt – years we will talk with the local communities to see what they want and expect and to explain what we can and cannot deliver. That’s the way consultation is and that’s how consultation works.

“Similarly the Garrison Estate in Purfleet is crying out for regeneration. I know this council talked with local people about it back in the naughties, but nothing was done back then.

“This time we will ensure improvements – and not just empty promises – will come.”


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