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Essex Police officers commended for saving mans life at Dartford Crossing

OFFICERS and police staff from both Essex Police and the Metropolitan Police Services commended for going beyond their duty.

Police officers and staff from across the county were recognised for their dedication to their duty at a special awards ceremony at Essex Police Headquarters today.

After a day of welcoming new officers to Essex Police, Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh presented commendations to officers and police staff that have saved lives, helped people that were in serious emotional distress and reduced crime.

Chief Constable Kavanagh told those honoured: "These commendations are an opportunity to say to the people of Essex ‘we’re still here, we’re still committed to serving you and we’re proud to do so.’

"Policing is one of the most difficult endeavours. It is something that draws so much from us on a daily basis and it is right that we honour you for the bravery and initiative that you show so often.”

Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, added: "At each commendation ceremony I attend it is heartening to hear the stories of bravery and exceptional service demonstrated on so many occasions by Essex Police officers.

"Those being commended today are no exception and have shown courage and professionalism in very difficult and challenging circumstances. It is remarkable to me that the officers I meet at commendation ceremonies, every one of whom has done something extraordinary, are in all other ways just like so many other members of the force.

"The truth is we are very well served day by day by officers and staff who, when asked, invariably step forward to do such outstanding things on our behalf.”

Among those receiving awards today were:

Paul Wraight who was awarded a National Intelligence Portfolio Certificate of Commendation in recognition of his innovation in the field of analysis. Mr Wraight has developed methodologies for reducing domestic abuse and dwelling burglary which directly led to a reduction in repeat offending and reduced demand.

Pc Darren Dady and Pc Paul Lamb were both awarded a commendation for their decisive action and professionalism whist saving the life of a man. The officers attended the Dartford River Crossing in November 2014 after a concerning report of a man threatening to take his own life. Both officers remained professional and by skilful negotiation and reassurance were able to persuade the man to safety.

Dc Anthony de Vries received a commendation for his bravery in April 2014. Whilst off duty, he heard a woman screaming loudly and upon searching the area, found a man assaulting the woman. After the man ran away, he chased after him for a considerable distance in an unfamiliar area. Dc de Vries made the quick decision to detain the man but whilst restraining him was stabbed in the stomach.

Sgt Amber Jenkin and Insp Paul Bates were awarded both a commendation and a Royal Humane Society Certificate for saving the lives of two young girls who had jumped off Shoebury’s Barge Pier into the sea during the evening of November 20, 2014.

Sgt Mark Estall received a commendation for a joint operation targeting an organised crime network.

Pc Ian Molineaux of the Metropolitan Police Service received a commendation from Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh for his dedication whilst off duty in Southend in February 2015.

Pc Molineaux saw a young man shouting at members of the public and spotted that he was carrying a carving knife and pointing it people passing by. He dedicated himself to ushering shoppers away from the danger and placed himself between the armed man and the members of the public. After engaging in a professional conversation with the man for several minutes, he was able to calm the situation and get the man to drop the knife and detain him safely without any injury to anyone.


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