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Drink-driving warning to Thurrock drivers

DISQUALIFICATION from driving, potential imprisonment and massive fines were all on offer to Grays shoppers who might be tempted to drink- or drug-drive this Christmas.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) has been touring Essex this month and stopped off in Grays showing off their pub style special offers board to passers-by.

Thurrock Council’s Road Safety Team helped man the show stopping stand in Grays Town Centre, which included two speedy response vehicles, educating over 300 passers-by on the exclusive offers if you choose to drive intoxicated.

Thurrock Council and Essex Police, both partners of SERP, were encouraging people to report anyone they now who regularly drinks or takes drugs and drives.

Portfolio holder for public protection, Cllr Jane Pothecary said: “People who say ‘oh it’s just a couple – I’ll be fine’ are seriously misinformed.

“It’s never okay to drink alcohol or take drugs and then get behind the wheel – It inevitably will be other people’s lives you destroy.”

Advice being given on the day included many unsuspecting medicine takers too.

“It’s not just illegal drugs you need to be mindful of, lots of prescription medication can impair your vision and/or reactions – you must take care and check with your GP or pharmacist before taking to the road,” said Cllr Pothecary.

She added: “I’m so pleased to see the SERP team remaining very visual in Thurrock – it really shows their commitment to keeping our roads and our people safe.”

And she added: “There are lots of videos online about drink driving and texting at the wheel – I really encourage people to go and have a look and share with your friends and family.

“If you ever think ‘oh I’ll be okay’ they will soon put you straight.”

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