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Demolition work to begin at Tilbury Power Station

WORK will start soon to demolish Tilbury’s iconic power station on the River Thames.

The coal-fired station closed on 31 October 2013 and the technical decommissioning has now been completed.

The decommissioning has included making the station safe, removal of system hazards, disconnection of redundant mechanical and electrical systems, removal of any unused materials from the site and the sale of assets. The deconstruction and demolition of the site will now begin in January.

The RWE team will hand over responsibility of the site to the newly appointed demolition contractors Brown and Mason Limited over the next month.

The demolition works will take three years to complete and will include the safe removal of asbestos, the recovery of reclaimed materials and the deconstruction of the buildings to ground level. The demolition methods for the site are subject to prior approval by Thurrock Council.

RWE retains ownership of the site and all the associated land throughout the demolition process.

The Tilbury site is over 140 hectares and for the past 18 months RWE has been considering options for the former power station land. Current plans have defined the site into two parts; section one, which is surplus to future plans and is currently being marketed for sale, and section two, which is land that will be retained for future energy requirements.

Mike Magee, Director RWE Technology International, said: “We are pleased to announce that Brown and Mason Limited have been appointed. They will be working closely with the local community over the project duration.”

Brown and Mason previously demolished Tilbury A Power Station and completed the demolition of the main Boiler and Turbine house in 2000.

Nick Brown, Managing Director, Brown & Mason Limited, said: “We are extremely pleased to have been awarded this most prestigious contract and look forward to working closely with RWE over the next three years to deliver a safe and successful project.”


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