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Two burglaries out of 113 solved in Thurrock in November 2015

OVER the next week, senior police officers will be coming to speak to politicians and public alike regarding crime in Thurrock.

The Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston will be joined by politicians at a meeting in the Homesteads on Saturday afternoon.

The Chief Constable will be making a presentation at Thurrock Council on Wednesday Jan 27th.

Many people are concerned regarding burglary. They will no doubt be met by Essex Police telling them recorded crime is down. Sceptics often retort that it is the "recording of crime" which is also down.

And perhaps there is not the appetite, culture and motivation in the police in Essex to seek out burglaries?

Here at YT we have taken a keen interest in these stats.


2007: 1815 208 11% Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

2008: 1973 192 10%

2009: 1408 251 18%

In Oct 2013, 100 burglaries and only two solved.

In Feb 2014, 156 burglaries committed and only three solved.

We have now had a further look into the crime figures for 2015.

In November 2015, there were 113 burglaries and just two were solved.

We have been to many many meetings over the years. When it comes to burglary clear up rates, we have heard gobbledygook like. "Well at the moment, we are 50% further forward than we were last year."

Or a sort of candid: "They are not as good as they should be."

But, judging by the stats above, whatever they are doing, is not working.

Is it the cuts? It must have some impact. However if that was the case, why are there police forces with solve rates between 30% and 40%?

Finally, you may notice in the crime stats below that there is no mention of Chafford Hundred. That is because, there were no reported burglaries in Chafford Hundred in November 2015.

Perhaps the good people of Chafford have given up?

If you live in Chafford Hundred, was broken into in November and reported it, then let us know….


Juliette Way

Kerry Avenue

New Road

Pedestrian Subway

Stifford Road



Garvenny Path

Stifford Road

Cruick Ave

Chelmer Drive

Cullen Square


Chadwell St Mary

Meredith Road

Lea Road

Orsett Heath Road x 2

St Teresa Place

St Augustines

Sabina Road


Corringham East

Patricia Drive

Brampton Drive

Fobbing Road

Woodbrooke Way

Sheldon Close


Arne Close


Cornwell Crescent

Second Avenue x 2

Spring Avenue

Hawthorn Close

Colborne Close

Parking Area


East Tilbury

Linford Road

Devonshire Close



Queen Mary Avenue



Grays Central

Albemarle Close


Percy Street

Milton Ave

Hampden Road

Whitehall Lane

Bradleigh Ave


Grays East


Ingram x 2

Chadwell Road

Rectory Road

Mycroft Ave/Grove x 2

Lander Road

St Marys Close

Cherry Tree Cottages

Cement Close Cottages

Whitehall Lane


Grays North

Grantham Way

Thorley Road

St Annes Close

Whitmore Avenue

Victoria Close

Broadview Ave

Heath View Road

Broadview Ave

Milford Road

Springfield Road x 2

Grangewood Ave x 2

Carlton Road

Woodlands Close

Buxton Road


Grays South

Button Road

Orsett Road

Rosebery Close

Castle Road


Vicarage Square

High Street

Curzon Drive

Falcon Drive

Bridge Road



Dene Path

Mollands Lane

Dene Path

Bradd Close

Tamarisk Road

Nicholas Close

Canterbury Parade


Tesco Express

Nelson Road x 3



Harrow Road

Brentwood Road


South West Thurrock

Rapier Close

Parking Area

Shopping Area

Petrol Station

St Clements


Charlton Street

Mill Lane

London Road



Lulworth Close

High Street x 2



Wren Walk

Christchurch Road

Lister Road

Bermuda Road

Brunel Close

Calcutta Road



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