Tuesday, March 21, 2023

C2C Timetable crisis: "Another week of chaos"

ANOTHER week comes to an end with hundreds of C2C commuters angry at the new timetable.

This is perhaps the tenth news item we have published on the matter. We will continue to publish items for as long there is news on the C2C timetable.

For today we are simply curating tweets between 7am and 7pm on Friday January 22nd. Not all of them but as we see them.

1600 hrs

"You take an appallingly lax attitude towards passenger safety so why should we believe you give a damn about their data."

"Standing in a packed carriage on the 15.34 from Fenchurch St. A 4 carriage metro to shoeburyness? #morenormalcarriagesplease"

1200 hrs

"If you wanted us to have a decent service you could revert to old tt on Monday, fact is we are being fleeced."

1100 hrs

C2C "Be aware of fake Facebook account pretending to be c2c and posting fake competition. c2c are in no way associated with this. Thank you".

1000 hrs

"You seem to have had a lot of complaints about this unfair policy. Is anyone at C2C towers listening?

0900 hrs


"If you had to compensate passengers who were standing for longer than 20 mins, you would go bust in a week….just saying.

0800 hrs

Gary Fisher ‏@garyfish76

@c2c_Rail @c2c_customers had my breakfast & ready for an hour standing & being crushed thanks for solving that with cornflakes

Richard Hyland ‏@richardhyland

@Miss_sam_a @c2c_Rail @c2c_customers I miss my daughters bedtime. I’m sure she’ll understand that a stubborn company cost time with daddy

0700 hrs

NatalieJulian1: "Hi have you any plans to increase the 6.51 from chafford to eight coaches as people are standing when we leave?"

Flickity: "Still standing every day on the CH to FS. When are you going to change back to an eight carriage?"


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