Friday, January 27, 2023

Jackie Doyle-Price and New Thames Crossing: "The battle has already been lost"

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has poured cold water on the "No to the Thames Crossing in Thurrock" campaign by telling a constituent: "The battle has already been lost".

One man’s defeatist is another man’s realist but needless to say, the message has not gone down well against campaigners.

The comment came in a letter sent to a concerned resident, who has then published the letter on social media.

Ms Doyle-Price said: "The crossing is coming, and I am not going to raise expectations. Anyone who does is being irresponsible.

The Thurrock MP goes onto contrast the facebook page "No to the Thames Crossing in Thurrock page" with the thousands of pages of analysis.

She adds: "With 1 in 5 jobs in the area being in is better to identify the options most suited."

One source told YT: "The Thurrock MP is simply saying what others dare not say. A Compulsory Purchase export has already said it and other politicians have already made similar conclusions.

There are local elections in ten weeks time in a council that is a three way spirit. Is any politician, really going to stand up and say it is a good idea?"

Needless to say, the comments have not gone down well among residents on sociall media and even supporters of the MP, have been privately dismayed by the delivery and tone of her message.

One person looked at other campaigns as an example to Thurrock residents.

He said: "If the consultation on the third London airport had followed the recommendation it would not have been at Stansted.

That was won by residents lobbying and this is just the same. I am not saying that another crossing is not necessary but the plans are that it will be in the wrong place. It needs be further away from Tilbury to make a significant difference. MPs are there to serve the public and lobby where their voters want them to lobby. Your Minister, your Party, your Government.

You should be looking for new reasons and banging on the door of the Minister daily to object what is happening. If not prepare for your P45 come the next election and do not be surprised if your Party loses any chance of controlling the Council either.

" I am not political but it is obvious when somebody is placing their career ahead of their voters. To the people againts the Thames Crossing keep the faith and keep fighting.

Some people feel that the comments are designed to push for the Route 4 Option which is largely away from Doyle-Price’s constituency and into Stephen Metcalfe’s constituency of South Basildon and East Thurrock.

Others are hoping that the MP makes some form of public appearance. The meeting at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal on Feb 25th is one such opportunity.

Perhaps the last words should be left to George Abott, one of the lynchpins of the campaign.

George said: "All this does is make me more determined to prove her wrong."


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