Monday, February 6, 2023

North and South Ockendon residents unite to fight Thames Crossing proposals

RESIDENTS from across North and South Ockendon united in a meeting to discuss how to fight the plans for a Thames Crossing in Thurrock and Upminster.

The meeting was held at Royal Oak public house in South Ockendon.

The meeting was organised by Jennifer Coleman and Maria Harvey.

Mrs Coleman said: "The meeting was attended by UKIP’s Tim Aker and the turnout of local residents was far beyond expectation.

"So many passionate, determined people have volunteered for the cause and we are in the process of organising our campaign.

"Highways England’s consultation is surreptitious and inept; the look of surprise and disbelief when residents are told of the proposals and shown maps is testament that Highways England have not made any reasonable effort to make all the public aware.

The main points that came out of the meeting were:

· Volunteer contact details taken for leafletting and canvassing.

· Leaflets taken by various people to photocopy to spread the cost

· Tim Aker to ask Thurrock Council why (the constituents) have not been given any legal guidance from the Council’s legal team?

· The residents are awaiting official HE consultation documents (eight page) – there is a 15 working day wait in a 57 day consultation.

· Next meeting (probably Monday 29th Feb) to be advised.


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