Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Is Thurrock not as "anti-europe" as you think?

THE top ten most and least eurosceptic areas of the UK has been revealed in a survey

A survey of 80,000 Britons by YpuGov has revealed the further south in Britain you live the more likely it is you would vote for a Brexit on June 23.

The top ten most eurosceptic areas are all in England with Havering in London, Peterborough in Cambridgeshire and Bracknell in Berkshire topping the list.

YouGov research also shows that euroscepticism is linked to lower income, although it is also very strong in the more wealthy Tory shire counties of England like Suffolk, Somerset and Lincolnshire.

But Thurrock, does not appear to be as eurosceptic as you think.

With Havering being the most eurosceptic in the country, Southend being sixth and Essex 39th, many may have though that Thurrock, with 11 UKIP councillors and over 15,000 people voting UKIP last May would be up there in the top ten.

According to the survey it is only number 83 in the list.

Radio’s Today programme visited Thurrock on Monday and spoke to a number of residents on the subject.

They spoke to UKIP’s European Union caseworker, Luke Spillman who felt that "Labour had left the working people behind."

They also spoke to Thurrock Labour’s Carol O’Regan who criticised her own party for their lack of coverage on the subject of immigration and Europe.


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