Thursday, February 9, 2023

West Tilbury WI: March report

WEST Tilbury WI was entertained this month by Patrick Forsyth, a much travelled journalist and writer.

Through his experience in his work, Patrick was asked to write a book on business training and thus began a long career.

Patrick then went on to write about the hotels where he went on his travels to different countries. He then decided to ask for a discount in the cost of his stay if he wrote a piece about them.

For his efforts he once obtained two nights stay at Raffles in Singapore free of charge.

He has written several books on the various countries and a humorous book on things he overheard while travelling around. An amusing and entertaining speaker.

Tickets were on sale for the Spring Group meeting to be held at the Gateway Academy on 20th April.

A letter of thanks from St Luke’s for the donation given to last month’s speaker has been received.

The competition ‘A Poem’ was won by Joy Ridgewell.

Raffle prizes were won by new member Debbie Cushing, Joanne Phillips


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