The Voice’s Jordan Gray goes back to Palmer’s College

JORDAN Gray is a big fan of Palmer’s College. She was a student here from 2005-2007 and came in to Palmer’s to meet with students from the LGBT group (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender), sharing her experiences and discussing current LGBT issues

She said: ‘There is such a nurturing atmosphere at Palmer’s. I was ill for some of the time I was here and the teachers and tutors gave me the support I needed to get through.’

In the first year, Jordan left after 6 months but came back to successfully redo English and Drama.

Jordan likens the atmosphere at Palmer’s to a university with a focus on helping individuals grow and preparing them for the ‘Real World’.

The ‘Real World’ for Jordan is quite amazing at the moment as she was selected in

The Voice 2016 Battle rounds to continue in the competition.

She says her Drama teacher at Palmer’s made a lasting impression on her and she was set a great example by her tutor and teachers.

Palmer’s is well and truly in the family as both her brother and sister were students here and her sister now works at the College.

Mark Vinall, Principal, commented: ‘We are all really proud of Jordan, she has gone through many challenges and is going on to realise her dreams. Whatever the outcome of The Voice, she is achieving great things and we are happy to have been with her on part of her journey’.

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