Thursday, April 18, 2024

British sprinter inspires Palmer’s College students

LESLEY Owusu, a former 400 metre British Champion runner, came to Palmer’s College on 8 March, to talk about what it takes to be a top athlete.

Lesley’s career has spanned two decades and she still remains the British and European record holder for the 600 yard dash. In addition to being a sporting legend, Lesley is a highly acclaimed motivational and inspirational speaker.

The students were taken through their paces and participated in challenges that went beyond sports ability and required lateral thinking and making strategic decisions.

Lesley said: ‘Sport is like the rest of life, it requires discipline and commitment. I want students to be inspired and motivated to achieve their potential. With a lot of hard work, their dreams can become reality and I am the living proof of this.’

Mark Vinall, Principal said: ‘We really appreciate Lesley taking time out of her schedule to talk to our students. Her story is inspiring, not just for our sport students, but for everyone. Success is achievable but it takes hard work and persistence and a commitment to making this happen’.


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