Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Thurrock Tories" Essex Fire Service need to become more efficient"

THURROCK Conservatives have hit back saying that unless the EFRS is able to become more efficient residents will be funding services based on service requirements set in 1948 not those for a 21st Century.

A spokesperson said: "Councillors at the meeting heard the chief fire officer outline that residents had told him they did not want to pay extra Council Tax in the first round of consultation for the fire service.

"So the proposals, which will mean no fire station will close, are those that will help the service meet their budget whilst supplying very little change to response times across Thurrock and the County. It is true Thurrock is special with its density of population, higher risk coma sites and ever increasing population and businesses, that is why we will still have significantly more cover than Dunmow or other parts of Essex.

Thurrock Conservatives still feel there is merit in changing the governance, management, back office processes and locations of premises of Essex Fire & Rescue Service which will help increase their spending power and deliver a better service. But when we are told there is an overall 45% reduction in calls, improved equipment and a focus prevention and education there is clearly a need to change. I would again urge all residents to read all the consultation documents, listen to the recording of the meeting, see what is being proposed and put forward what they believe is the best for Thurrock."


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