Sunday, March 26, 2023

Stifford Clays pre-school praised by Ofsted

A STIFFORD Clay pre-school has received a very positive Ofsted report.

The government watchdog came to the pre-school based at Stifford Parish Hall in Crammavill Street in March.

The report said the following.

Children’s communication and language development are good. Staff fully encourage all children, including disabled children and those with special educational needs, and children who speak English as an additional language, to express themselves through activities that promote their speech and language skill.

 Staff have a good understanding of how children learn. They deliver varied and imaginative play experiences for children to promote their learning.

 There are warm and caring relationships between children and all staff. Children demonstrate that they are well settled and secure.

 Children demonstrate a positive approach to learning, and behaviour throughout the setting is good.

Staff are excellent role models and interact well with children, which results in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

 Staff establish positive relationships with parents. An effective two-way flow of communication supports children’s welfare, learning and development.


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