Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bulphan’s multi-talented Drew-Levi stars in All or Nothing

BULPHAN’S multi-talented Drew-Levi Huntsman has landed a role in the West End musical, All or Nothing.

Drew-Levi (23) is playing Kenny Jones on drums in the new Mod Musical.

This is his first musical as an adult actor. He played Jeremy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Gavroche in Les Miserable and Kevin in Billy Elliot

His mother, Eva said: "His father had a serious accident and for the last couple of years he has immersed himself in songwriting and even penned a song on his dad’s recovery from his traumatic acquired brain injury from the accident.

"He is delighted to be back on stage in this iconic mod musical especially as his Dad has been involved in the mod scene all his life. He even gate crashed the audition and won them over to get the part.

He is honoured to be playing Kenny Jones the only surviving member of the Small Faces."


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