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Stifford Clays Primary receives glowing Ofsted

STIFFORD Clays primary school has been highly praised by Ofsted.

The government watchdog visited the school in March and made the following comments.

Pupils make good progress across the school. From starting points that are broadly average, pupils leave with standards in mathematics and English that are above average.

 The headteacher and his senior colleagues have made important improvements to the school in the recent past. Teaching has improved as a result.

 Children get off to a good start in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The provision for two-year-old pupils is very effective.

 Leaders and teachers track pupils’ progress carefully and intervene quickly when pupils fall behind.

Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They enjoy school and are positive about their lessons.

 Leaders know the school well. They have clear systems in place to check on the quality of teaching.

 The governing body are holding school leaders to account for the impact of their work systematically.

 The school’s work to keep pupils safe and look after their welfare is thorough and effective.

Ofsted also made the following criticisms

Teaching is not yet good in all classes. Changes in staffing have led to some classes experiencing several different teachers in a short space of time.

 Some subjects in the National Curriculum are not as well taught as others.

Leaders do not have enough time to follow up all of the improvement points that they identify when checking on the quality of teaching.


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