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"Inspirational" Bulphan childminder receives "Outstanding" report from Ofsted

A BULPHAN childminder has received an "Outstanding" report from Ofsted in which she has been described as "Inspirational"

Emma Pate of Bulphan was inspected in April.

The report states:

The childminder is an extremely skilled and dedicated professional. Her previous teaching experiences have an exceedingly positive effect on the quality of the environment and activities provided for children. Children make excellent progress and confidently develop the skills they need for future learning.

 The childminder’s knowledge of the children is exemplary. She perceptively assesses children’s progress and achievements. These assessments are then successfully used to plan further experiences that challenge children to learn as much as possible.

 The childminder has a superb understanding of how to support children’s emotional needs. She has a consistently calm and patient approach with children. They establish strong, trusting bonds with her very quickly.

 The childminder has an extremely sharp focus on helping all children acquire and extend their communication and language skills. She provides excellent commentary, introducing new words as children play. Young children are articulate and really enjoy explaining what they know and can see.

 The childminder provides an exceptional range of opportunities for children to discover who they are as individuals and develop respect for themselves and others. Children quickly gain an understanding of other people, places and communities beyond their own.

 Parents are keen to share their strong opinions of the high-quality care and learning their children receive. They write about how the childminder goes above and beyond expectations to ensure that children thrive and make exceptional progress.

 The childminder is constantly updating her knowledge and extending her understanding of how children learn through an extremely well-targeted programme of professional development.


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