Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New UKIP councillor mocks Thurrock boss John Kent as a "specialist in failure"

A BRAND new Thurrock UKIP councillor has called on the present leader of Thurrock Council to resign.

Jack Duffin was elected as the new councillor for Stanford East and Corringham Town with a majority of 596.

But speaking just a few hours after his election, the former parliamentary candidate for Uxbridge perhaps indicated the way Thurrock politics will goo over the next two years.

Speaking on the James Whale show on BBC Essex, cllr Duffin called on Labour council leader John Kent to step aside, saying that when it came to elections he was "a specialist in failure, to quote Jose Mourinho".

Talks will now get under way to decide who will lead the council after UKIP gained six seats, making it the joint-largest party with the Conservatives.

The council had been run as a Labour minority administration with Mr Kent at the helm, but Mr Duffin, 24, said: "It’s about time he did the decent thing and left as leader."

Mr Kent said Mr Duffin’s comments were down to "the excitement of youth".


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