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Stifford Clays Primary School in Thurrock leads the way in story acting

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THEATRE and Education charity and social enterprise, MakeBelieve Arts has announced that Stifford Clays Primary School in Thurrock, a Helicopter Stories Centre of Excellence, will be launching its own training sessions for schools in May and June 2016.

The sessions will focus on the practice of Helicopter Stories, a unique, holistic approach to learning and cognitive development for the early years and Key Stage 1.

Based on the storytelling and story acting practice of Vivian Gussin Paley and championed in the UK by MakeBelieve Arts Artistic Director, Trisha Lee, Helicopter Stories gives children the opportunity to explore the world around them and develop their ideas through stories.

The premise is simple: pupils tell a story and the teacher or practitioner scribes it word-for-word. The class then gathers around an outlined stage where pupils act out their own story, or observe their peers’ ideas coming to life.

Stifford Clays Primary School in Thurrock, was recognised by MakeBelieve Arts as experts in the Helicopter Stories approach, becoming a Centre of Excellence to deliver introductory sessions and training days to other schools.

Harli Green, Assistant Headteacher and Helicopter Stories Champion at Stifford Clays Primary School said: “Though each story is varied either by length, content, vocabulary or action, it is almost without fail that we gasp at the poignancy of the many special moments that occur.”

As well as promoting an inclusive and engaging environment for children to buildconfidence and boost their listening and speaking skills, Helicopter Stories can be a means of exploring identity, social issues and emotions in a safe, child-centred space.

More information about Helicopter Stories, and full details for the training sessions and also courses from MakeBelieve Arts can be found on:


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