Monday, May 27, 2024

Rainbow Pre-School in Aveley "approachable and friendly"

A PRE-SCHOOL in Aveley has been praised as ‘warm and friendly".

The government watchdog came to the school in Shannon Way, Aveley in May and made the following observations.

Children share warm relationships with the approachable and friendly staff who know them well. Staff interact well with children and there is an extremely relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the pre-school.

 Partnerships are a key strength. Staff establish strong and trusting partnerships with parents. They work closely with parents and other professionals to support children’s individual care, development and learning needs.

 Children’s communication and language development are good. Staff encourage all children, including children who have special educational needs or disability and those who speak English as an additional language, to express themselves fully through activities that promote their speech and language skills.

 Staff provide a good variety of interesting and stimulating activities, indoors and outside, that enables children’s good progress in all areas of learning.


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