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Letter to Editor: Deputy Mayor urges Thurrock residents to vote on EU referendum

Dear Editor,

Today, Friday 10 June, the world’s eyes were on the USA for the burial ceremony of late Muhammed Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time and an advocate for minority groups and equality.

So it is only appropriate that today too, I remind all the 20,000 minority residents of Thurrock to ensure they cast their votes in the referendum.

I am sure the late boxer, before making a decision about who to fight, would not just have trained hard; he would have educated himself on the pros and cons of the situation before getting into the ring, and then, on the big day, fight a decisive fight with all the information he needed to tackle his opponent.

Similarly, on 23 June, the long running debate between the proponents of ‘Leave’ and those of ‘Remain’ will come to an end. Ahead of that, we too should be prepared for the decision of a lifetime. We should educate ourselves with the arguments for and against remaining in the EU.

June 23 is our boxing match, our heavy weight contest even! It’s our decision time; with the decision being made at a polling station near you.

Like Ali, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be boxed into a corner, we should come out fighting to defend what we know is true, because this will be a match where we’ll have to live with the consequences for a long while to come.

This referendum is not just something being done far away, it is a decision for everyone of us, for you and for me. It’s not a political decision, it’s about the future of Great Britain, the future we are planning for our children and their children.

It’s not about what I, or any other elected representatives think, it’s not about who shouts the loudest, it is about ensuring that everyone gets involved in the greatest decision we will be making in a long while.

So on 23 June, (unless you have a postal vote) whatever community you are from, whatever your background, ensure you go to your local polling station, the same one you attended for the local elections and CAST YOUR VOTE.

Councillor Tunde Ojetola

South Chafford Ward

Thurrock Council

Twitter: @cllrtunde


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