Friday, April 19, 2024

Dads, uncles, grand-dads enjoy their day at Benyon Primary

WHAT a brilliant turn out at Benyon Primary School had for their recent ‘FUDGE Day’ in reception.

This was an event to recognise the importance of how the male figures in families support children’s learning.

Fathers, uncles, grand-dads, older brothers and close family friends were invited in to school.

During the afternoon there were lots of fun activities completed with the children: making statues using pipe cleaners and kitchen foil; completing an obstacle course which involved stepping over tyres, using stilts, crawling under a net and bouncing a ball around a track; sharing a story book.

Mrs Christelle Gostling, class teacher, said “I could highlight all the positives about this session in relation to the children’s learning but I would end up writing an essay! So all that I will say is that it was immense fun from developing good social skills to enhancing children’s physical development.

"And the most important point was that it was FUN LEARNING”. It was clear that everyone involved had a fantastic time, returning home feeling very proud of what they had accomplished".


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