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Blogspot: A "Remainer" reflects on Brexit and the future…

Blogspot: A "Remainer" reflects and looks forward….

EVENTS my boy,nothing like events. My word, did we have an event this week as the Great British public voted in a 52:48 majority to leave the European Union.

Was this EU leave decision a piece of gigantic national self harm or should we be honest and admit that Britons were never in love with the European project anyway?

I spoke to some close friends in the EU Remain campaign early Friday morning to commiserate and share thoughts but for the most part we were just in shock.

Thurrock voted 3:1 to leave and the story was not much better elsewhere in Essex.

I spent the rest of my Friday morning in the City where the atmosphere was really strange. Rows of screens at clients offices were red and more red as financial markets tanked. Traders were just thinking hard how to earn back billions of £s lost overnight.

My advisory team were silent for most of the morning. Then 11am I said let’s make some money on this market moving event. Trades done, market still off 20% we got in before everything stabilised on the afternoon. Colleagues had enough, down to the pub, had a skinful, still felt bad but sometimes you just have to shrug off these big disappointments.

Whatever, the City will survive and thrive and if the rest of country think that the Brexit vote was a revenge attack on London, then I am afraid that they are mistaken. No the fault for the failure of the Remain campaign to win lies in the establishment political parties.

What on earth has my Labour party got to say for itself? Places like Wales, the West Midlands and the North East voting in great numbers to leave the EU. Our Labour leader, Mr Corbyn was conspicuous by his absence from the Remain campaign. From all

reports, dear old Jezza is a kind and descent man but I don’t want to continue this self harm and keep him as our Labour leader.

It was also interesting to see those 85 Brexit tory MPs sign a letter asking PM Cameron to stay on. The treachery and seditious nature of these conservative members of parliament was a sight to behold. Talk about losing the dressing room, the board and the fans, David Cameron and his chancellor George Osborne lost the lot. But and the big but is that these 85 Brexiteers need Cameron to front up to the world for now.

Look, it is not all bad news. The work that I do will probably move to Dublin as American financial firms will want a EU base. Applications at the Irish Embassy for passports will go through the roof. The EU referendum brought together progressive elements in society that are not used to working together: the CBI and the TUC, Alex Salmond and Alistair Campbell, our own excellent councillors Martin Kerin and James Halden.

Money will be made and lost in all the disruption and volatility. Boris will be prime minster and Nigel Farage will be ennobled. Now there are a few happy thoughts for everyone.


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