Monday, March 20, 2023

Will Thurrock see the return of Boris Island?

THE FORMER leader of Thurrock Council has warned that the spectre of a major international airport on the edge of Thurrock

Speaking on Monday evening, Cllr Kent said: "Despite the decision of the Airport Commission in 2014 that the so-called Boris Island proposal was ecologically and economically a no-go plan, it keeps appearing in the news.

"I am concerned and everybody in Thurrock should be worried that if Boris Johnson becomes Tory Leader and Prime Minister the Thames Estuary airport will be back on the agenda with a roar – literally if we’re not careful."

He said: "Boris Johnson has promised no extra runway at Heathrow and he has waxed lyrical about building a multi-runway international airport in the middle of the estuary, pretty much opposite Corringham and Canvey.

"So far that’s all he has done, talk. As Mayor of London he had no powers outside of the capital, but if he becomes Prime Minister – with or without a general election to back him up – things could very well change.

"Thurrock Council has to be prepared. We have to make sure as many people as possible know of the danger – a Jumbo Jet a minute landing or taking off and flying low over Thurrock with all the noise, pollution and disruption that entails.

"When I was leader I wrote to Boris several times about his proposals and we also sent evidence in to the Airport. I have to say Mr Johnson was dismissive of our concerns.

"Thurrock Council worked in partnership with the community to fight against the government’s plans for another Thames Crossing and a motorway in Thurrock – although we’re still waiting to hear the latest on that.

"The council and its Labour leadership worked for five years to engage the community in that campaign. I hope that this time Boris’s name and the fact he is in the news so much will help Thurrock Council and its current administration raise the profile of this new danger."


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