Monday, March 27, 2023

Letter to Editor: "Will the Thurrock Tories bankrupt the borough?"

Dear Editor,

THE Conservative Government has announced they are slashing £18.5m of funding in the next three years from our borough.

Several of their councillors and cabinet members have been heard saying there will be no cuts as they have £8m in the reserves to spend. Their plan seems to be to spend all the Council reserves to win votes and then leave the pieces for someone else to tidy up when they lose in 2018.

Last time the Thurrock Conservatives were in power they were hours away from bankrupting our borough and it looks like they are planning to repeat themselves yet again.

Thurrock Conservatives have less credibility and a worse track record on finance than Gordon Brown. That should be enough to worry every resident in this borough about our long term future.


Cllr Jack Duffin

Councillor for Stanford East & Corringham Town, Thurrock Council

Shadow Portfolio Holder for Finance and Central Services


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