Wednesday, April 24, 2024

UKIP transport councillor angry with C2C no-show

A LEADING UKIP councillor has expressed his dismay and anger at C2C’s non-appearance at a key transport committee.

Vice Chairman and Shadow Portfolio Holder for Transport, Cllr Peter Smith said: "I am extremely disappointed that C2C have failed to attend the Council meeting having let down thousands of commuters when they changed their timetable.

"I understand the appointed C2C spokesperson that was to report was unavailable due to family commitments, but I ask, where was his deputy or is there only one person working at C2C now? It beggars belief.

"The concerns of C2C rail users will be addressed and C2C will be held to full account. Where C2C do not provide representation for full scrutiny I will make sure people know they are letting their customers down, there are no hiding places."

We contacted two C2C communication officers but received "Out of office" replies.


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