Thurrock ‘s political leaders "speak as one" on new Thames Crossing

ONCE again, Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, and opposition leaders, Cllr Graham Snell and Cllr John Kent, have reiterated their united position to the possibility of a new Lower Thames Crossing and announced they would now be writing to Highways England.

Speaking on the issue today (Friday 29 July), Cllr Gledhill said: “The council remains in cross-party agreement that no new Thames Crossing should be built in Thurrock.”

“In March this year, all 49 councillors unanimously agreed to ‘No more crossings in Thurrock’.

“But since the consultation finished, of which the results have not been published, we are starting to hear that there are new proposed routes and options. I will be asking Highways England to clarify their position, and ask them what the next steps of the process are.

“I want this to be extremely clear. Based on every official piece of communications we have had – Thurrock Council remains 100% unanimously against any new crossing in Thurrock.”

The leader continued: “If there are new routes – or they want to reconsider options, then we call for Highways England to re-run a fair consultation exercise that includes all the information.

“17 justified and fair reasons were published in local papers and on the Thurrock Council website explaining exactly why we were against a new crossing months ago – they have not changed.

“We repeat: the whole process has been unfair, unreasonable and undemocratic, and hasn’t listened to the views of the councils involved and Thurrock residents.”

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