More compensation choices if delayed through C2C

RAIL passengers now get more choice in how to receive their compensation if they are delayed when travelling with National Express train operator c2c.All c2c passengers are eligible for refunds of up to 50% of the cost of their journey if they are delayed for over 30 minutes, and now they can choose to get their money back as cash or a refund direct into their bank account. This is in addition to the existing payment methods of cheques or vouchers which provide money off when buying future rail tickets, which will also still be available if customers prefer.Alternatively c2c passengers can sign up for compensation starting after just two minutes delay and paid automatically if they travel using a c2c Smartcard, as part of c2c’s industry-leading Automatic Delay Repay scheme.c2c Commercial Director Clare McCaffrey said: “We are the most punctual train operator in the country and we will continue to do everything we can to get you to your destination on time. But if you are delayed on c2c, we are now making it easier than ever for you to get the money you are owed back, in the format that you choose.”c2c has been the UK’s most punctual train operator since 2011. In the last year 95.8% of all c2c trains arrived at their destination on time, compared with the UK average of 88.0%.

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