Thurrock Labour slam plans for “expensive re-organisation”

THURROCK Labour have expressed their concern over, what they have interpreted as plans that could see a new ‘super council; across South Essex.The Thurrock’s Tories have told the government there should be a review of local government boundaries across South Essex creating larger councils with “greater scale and influence” claim Labour.The plan, allegedly backed by Thurrock UKIP leader Graham Snell, can be found in the council’s response to the Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission.Speaking after Wednesday’s meeting of Thurrock Council, Labour Leader Cllr John Kent said: “Thurrock Conservatives were always arguing against – so called – mergers with other councils, even when the proposal didn’t exist, they found it politically useful to suggest they did.”Now they’re suggesting a costly re-organisation of local government in Essex. It’s the is the last thing we need.”Tories have always been in favour of cuddling up to their mates at County Hall and sinking Thurrock in an old fashioned county council.”Now this latest ill-thought through gimmick appears to be an attempt to create an unwieldy new county stretching from Thurrock to Southend.”Cllr Kent said: “At a time when council budgets are being cut to the bone, Thurrock’sConservatives should be concentrating on delivering top-quality services, not wasting their time and your money on hair-brained and perverse schemes to create super councils.”This is just another example of Thurrock Conservatives trying to sneak out policies they know will be contentious.”If they really believe an expensive reorganisation of councils across Essex is the right thing to do they should be open and up front about it, not hide it in a four-and-a-half-thousand word plus appendix.”

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