Port of Tilbury welcomed Tilbury and Chadwell students during Estuary Festival

THE Port of Tilbury was one of the key venues of Estuary 2016 and the historic, Grade II listed Tilbury Cruise Terminal was turned into an exhibition space with many contemporary works of art displayed across the terminal.As part of the festival The Port of Tilbury agreed to fund tours of the exhibition for local school children from Herringham Primary, Hathaway Academy, Gateway Primary, Tilbury Pioneer Academy, Olive Academy and Lansdowne Academy. The children took part in active create workshops run by Metal, the organisation responsible for Estuary 2016.Part of the tour included the children traveling across the Thames on the Tilbury Ferry to visit an historic Lightship LV21 in Gravesend and they were also given the opportunity to enter a competition to win some fantastic art boxes full of all the tools a young artist might need.As a major local employer the Port supports the engagement of young people in activities that give them the opportunity to explore new experiences and connect them with local history and landscape. This is an import part of place making and The Port of Tilbury were pleased so many schools participated and visited the festival.

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