Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Thurrock Council committee back government plan to end “life time” tenancies for council residents

A THURROCK Council housing scrutiny committee has debated how the Council should respond to new rules for issuing tenancies in the borough.In May of this year, Parliament passed the Housing and Planning Act 2016′ which prohibits councils from offering new life time’ tenancies. The law requires councils to offer new tailored but flexible fixed-term secure tenancies, with different lengths depending on the tenant’s circumstances.The Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee has recommended to Cabinet that a minimum of 10 year tenancies be issued, except for those who have limited time to remain the in country or are have been offered a tenancy under a specific incentive.Speaking after the meeting, Chair of the Committee, Cllr Gerard Rice, said: “After considering the information presented to us in the report, the committee recommends that Cabinet sets the minimum tenancy term of 10 years.”Obviously, this would not be appropriate for those who do not have the immigration rights to stay in the country for 10 years, or those who are in the borough under a specific incentive scheme.”We await the detailed regulations from government on how these tenancies will operate. However, the committee feels that we must provide stability to tenants.


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