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Horndon Village Playgroup meeting slammed as “Shambles”

A HORNDON parent has labelled a meeting to discuss the provision of childcare in the village as a “shambles”

Parents have been enraged after rent negotiations between the Horndon Village Playgroup and Thurrock Council appeared to end with the playgroup deciding that they would have to close.

As there was uncertainty over what provision would be on offer in 2017, a meeting was called.

But parents have contacted YT to give their reflections on the meeting.

James Dunn said: “I just don’t think they could answer any questions. You got the feeling that one department did not know what the other one was doing.

“You appreciate that they want to get the most for their money but this has been done in a chaotic manner and has created a chaotic situation.

“The bottom line is that there are lots of Horndon parents without childcare in place for 2017.

We asked Thurrock Council for their reflections on the meeting.

A spokesperson said: “Officers from Thurrock Council attended a meeting at the Horndon Village Hall on Monday 14 November to discuss the local playgroup tender.

“The purpose of the meeting was to hear from parents of the local playgroup and to confirm the council’s commitment to continuing good quality childcare provision in Horndon – while receiving a fair rent for the building.

Officers outlined to parents what the timeline and next steps are in awarding the new lease contract. However, as the council is in a tender process, there were some questions which could not be answered, which parents understood.

It was agreed parents would pass on their views to the council through a survey and the current the team at Horndon Village Playgroup kindly agreed to pass on information to parents on the council’s behalf. Parents can also contact the council directly through the Family Information Service.

“Once the process is complete and a new provider chosen, another meeting with parents will be arranged to update them.
Thurrock Council is committed to supporting parents throughout the transition and work is being done to ensure any future disruption is minimised”.



  1. Sounds like a very ‘officer like’ i don’t give a toss response from Thurrock council. Where is a response or comment from the Horndon councillors. Don’t these parents not have representatives at Thurrock council. Where are these useful idiots when you need them?


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