Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The People versus Thurrock Council

YOU may or may not know but there is a slot for public questions at the beginning of each Thurrock Council meeting.

Usually, it is just the one member of the public who takes the opportunity to ask a question. Mr Peter Perrin may be a “turbulent priest” but we always think the council should be grateful that the other 159,999 other residents don’t turn up and pose a question.

However, next Wednesday Nov 30th, Mr Perrin will be joined by several other members of the public as they pose some tricky questions.

The first question is always set out but you get to ask a second question and that is where you can provide your own “curve ball/googly”

The list of questions are below. The subjects vary from the New Thames Crossing, pollution on the A13,children’s centres and child refugees.


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