Report highlights tragic death of Thurrock teenager

THURROCK’S Local Safeguarding Children’s Board has published a serious case review on ‘James’, a 17 year old Thurrock teenager who was sadly found dead in July 2015 at his placement – a semi-independent residence in North London. At the inquest the coroner recorded an open verdict.

The report chronicles the last few years of James’ life. It is a tragic report that details his personal circumstances, relationship breakdown with both of his estranged parents, mental health considerations, and escalating criminal offending.james

In response to the report, Board Chairman, Dave Peplow, said “The review focused on James’ teenage years, to try and understand the lifestyle James was leading and the factors which led to this tragic death.

“The review highlights learning for professionals as well as acknowledges the efforts made by key practitioners who supported James.”

The findings and outcomes from the review have been shared across those agencies involved and will be published on the Thurrock LSCB website.

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