UKIP’s Tim Aker defiant despite flags coming down

UKIP councillor was in defiant mood despite the news that the union flags that had been out up across Thurrock were being taken down by Thurrock Council.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “It is incredibly sad to see Thurrock Council remove the Union Flags and St. George’s Flags from Thurrock’s streets this morning. You would think they had other priorities like cleaning the streets, making house repairs and tackling anti social behaviour. Instead they go against the wishes of the people and take down our country’s flag.

“My thanks go to the Lance Corporal Nicky Mason Memorial Fund and Actual Support Services who put the flags up. We will be working with them and the Council to restore the flags and see the will of the people, to demonstrate pride in our country and respect to those who fight in our name, is honoured once again.”

The story has been publicised in the national newspapers such as the Daily Express. Cllr Aker also appeared on BBC Essex to express his fury at the decision.

But the fury of UKI councillors may see them in hot water with Thurrock Council over comments criticising them on social media.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “We are looking into the comments made by a number of Thurrock’s councillors over the past few days – although the Council has not received any formal communication from the councillors concerned through the appropriate channels.

“It would be inappropriate, at this time, to make an official comment following a social media post.

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