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Volunteers wanted for restorative justice scheme in Thurrock

A SCHEME which will allow victims of crime and anti-social behaviour (such as neighbour disputes) the chance to communicate with the perpetrators has been launched.

Essex Police are searching for people to volunteer their time and skills, people who have the ability to learn skills that would allow them to assist us.

The Essex Restorative Justice and Mediation Service facilitates safe communication between those involved in a crime or conflict and allow victims to ask questions and receive meaningful reparation for the harm that has been caused.

You would receive full training and ongoing support
You would become part of a friendly and supportive team
You would be able to fit this role around your existing commitments

If you are aged over 18 years, live in Essex and are interested in learning more about this exciting and challenging role Please contact or ring 01245 291609

An example of the work

Case Study:

A young boy had caused criminal damage to a school window and the incident was referred to us for a restorative outcome

During the meeting, the headteacher of the school asked if the boy was angry with her or the school. this was something she had been worried about, and didn’t know what she might have done to have caused it.

He explained that he wasn’t angry, and offered a very heartfelt apology for his actions. The headteacher explained that she wanted him to move forward and achieve his goals in life without jeopardising his future

with further thoughtless acts. she said he was welcome back to the school for events in the future. we recieved very good feedback from all involved, with everyone saying they were very glad they had taken part.

“the meeting has helped me to close the door on the incident. thank you for supporting us, it really helped”

What our volunteers say about us:

Before I volunteered with the service I was stuck in a rut but now I have a purpose and realise I can use my skills to help others

This role has made me realise that I can do much more than I ever thought I could do

Seeing the change in the people I have worked with has made me feel so proud to have been part of the process

Volunteering with the Restorative Justice Service has been so rewarding, I think everyone has something to give

They team are always at the end of the phone, they push me to do things to build my confidence and I cant thank them enough for the opportunity,

their support and encouragement and for giving me the chance to work in this fantastic role


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