Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Letter to Editor: “I have never seen the streets of Grays look so untidy”.






Following on from Jackie Doyle Price’s latest letter in the Thurrock Gazette this week regarding the alleged success of the Conservatives’ ‘Clean it, cut it, fill it’ programme, and the extent to which it is delivering for Thurrock, I thought you might be interested in these photos from the junction of William Street and John Street in Grays.

I’m not quite sure how the conclusion can be reached that this investment is ‘delivering’ (quoting Jackie Doyle Price), given the fact that this mess has been in situ since the weekend and this is the most untidy state I’ve ever seen this location in.

“In fact the entire walk from John Street to Seabrooke Rise is full of litter. It has never been this bad”.

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  1. “Clean it, cut it, fill it’”
    Technicaly under the Tories one third of the statement is true they do love to cut things.

    Jackie Doyle-Price is unavailable for comment. the older generation fought for her freedom and this is the best she can do. JACKIE DOYLE PRICE IS A SHAMBLES.

    What has she done for Thurrock pensioners? come to think of it or the disabled or young.
    tory cuts and spin.

    Go now Jackie Doyle Price
    Stand in a safe tory seat we are all voting UKIP in the next general election due to your performance.

  2. As always blame the Council, every house has 3 bins, local residents have no excuse to keep their area clean an tidy, and if large objects are dumped in their area get on to Environmental Reporting and it will be uplifted in a couple days.


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