Sunday, December 3, 2023

Grays pensioner receives commendation from Essex Fire service


GRAYS pensioner Paul Starns, 70, has been presented with a Chief Fire Officers’ Commendation after he saved the life of one of his neighbours following a house fire in Grays in October 2016.

Paul was at home and suddenly heard cries for help coming from one of his neighbour’s houses. He rushed to their back door and found the house completed full of smoke. Paul escorted one person out of the property and then fought through the smoke to try and help a second person.

Acting Chief Fire Officer, Adam Eckley, who presented Paul with his award this week, said:

“Paul’s heroic actions on this day were incredibly courageous as he put his own life on the line to help his neighbours. Our firefighters are trained to save people from burning buildings, so to do this without any training is truly remarkable.

“It gives me great pleasure to present Paul with this commendation recognising the selfless and courageous life-saving action he took.”


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