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MP Metcalfe welcomes PM’s new industrial strategy

Stephen Metcalfe 2015

STEPHEN Metcalfe, Member of Parliament for South Basildon & East Thurrock, has welcomed a green paper on a new, modern Industrial Strategy which will support local businesses to grow and create more high skilled, high paid jobs for local people.

The Industrial Strategy, announced today by the Government, will ensure everyone can benefit from success through ten ‘pillars’ – including investing in science, research and innovation, and developing skills – that underpin a new approach and will identify all of the new opportunities across our economy.

This strategy will create the conditions where the winners can emerge and grow in different types of business.

The modern Industrial Strategy will benefit people in Essex and proposes:

· Boosting the skills of workers so there are enough people to support the construction industry.
· Improving transport connections between the wider East England region and the rest of the UK.
· Making Britain a global leader in free trade, so that businesses can continue to invest and grow.
Mr Metcalfe, Chair of Parliament’s cross-party Science and Technology Committee, said:
‘I am pleased that the Government has prioritised investment in science, research, and innovation in its new Industrial Strategy.

‘Britain already has a world-leading science base and it is crucial that the Government does more to grow and protect it.

‘It is also important that everyone has the basic skills needed in our modern economy, so I welcome plans to build a new system of technical education for our young people and also boost STEM skills, digital skills, and numeracy.’

He added:

‘This is an important step in building a modern, dynamic Industrial Strategy that will deliver more high skilled, high wage jobs and improve living standards and drive economic growth across the country.

‘Local businesses and workers have the chance to contribute to this vision and submit their views to help the Government create a high-skilled economy in which businesses can grow and more jobs are created.

‘This strategy will ensure Conservatives in Government are backing local business and that more people share in the benefits of its success.’


  1. Am i Hearing Stephen RIGHT?

    Does this mean that Thatcher was wrong to Kill off British Industry in the 80’s to Asia Or Thatcher getting rid of the Youth training scheme and apprenticeships also in the 80’s
    THIS MP is for TURNING


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