Thursday, April 18, 2024

Firefighters rescue Remi the dog on One Tree Hill in Corringham

ESSEX Firefighters have rescued a dog after she got her head stuck between tree roots in woodlands near One Tree Hill, Corringham.

One Tree Dog 1

One Tree Dog 2

Remi, a chocolate labrador, was out walking with her owner when she got her head stuck in a hole at the base of a large tree between the exposed roots. Remi’s owners tried to free her, but her head was stuck tight.

Firefighters treked over a mile from the road carrying all their equipment to get to the incident.

Station Officer Geoff Wheal said:

“We used chistles, saws and spreaders to free Remi from the tree. It took almost an hour for us to rescue her, as it was such a tight space and we had to chistle a bit at a time and make sure she was ok. Remi’s owners stayed close by to keep her calm.

“Remi was thankfully completely unharmed by the ordeal, and happily posed for a photo with us”. (attached)



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