Thursday, July 25, 2024

Thurrock Council pledge to “fill every pothole by 2018”

THE DEPUTY leader of Thurrock Council has pledged to “fill every pothole in Thurrock by 2018”.

Cllr Shane Hebb made the pledge during a council meeting on Wednesday night (Feb 22nd).

He made the ambitious pledge as part of the councils’ vision for the future.

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  1. Not much point if the quality of the work is rubbish. Several potholes are back in Argent St. only a couple of months after being filled, some reappeared in a matter of days!

  2. Completely empty promise. The main problem is the number of HGV movements daily on many residential roads. Loads of firms operating way beyond their agreed limits shredding the roads. Why not deal with that before wasting taxpayers money on cheap temp repairs that won’t last.

  3. Why would someone who presents himself as a man of common sense want to put his head in a noose.

    I have been working the highways and byways of our country for the past 50+ years and there has never been enough money to ensure 100% closure of all defects in a given area, many areas running at a little over 50% good, so for him to pledge ALL Potholes filled by 2018, I feel we need to get a legal document drawn up now and hold him to his words, as I see it the Tories would need to undersell other services or add to our council tax to raise the funds as I don’t see the government raising the capital to support them, then the resulting bankcrupcy for TBC..


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