Saturday, April 13, 2024

Is this why UKIP may be far from finished in Thurrock?


IT NEARLY slipped our attention but on Wednesday night, UKIP councillor for Tilbury St Chads, John Allen, delivered a petition regarding the cuts to the number of caretakers in the Grays South area.

UKIP obtained over 300 signatures and duly handed in the petition to the relevant bodies at Thurrock Council.

But it does beg a question as to why it appears that the Grays’ residents went to UKIP and not to any of the six councillors in the wards of Grays Riverside and Grays Thurrock.

Only a few weeks ago, YT was speaking to a Grays’ business regarding the problem they had, The business owner said: “Who do I need to go and see, Tim Aker?”

There is a long time until the next round of local elections (May 2018) and the General Election is planned for May 2020.

Many think that the “Stoke result” may show that UKIP are on the decline but the UKIP story in Thurrock may be far from finished.


  1. Why didn’t the South Grays residents go to their Labour councillors? Because Labour seem to think that they can rely on those areas for their vote no matter what which is exactly the reason Labour is in such a deployable state, both at the local level ans at the national level. When Labour stops taking people’s vote for granted, things might turn around for them at the local level. Of course, at the national level, the Parliamentary Labour Party and the old New Labour advocates need to stop sabotaging Corbyn and gi ve the poor sod a chance. A divided party is unelectable but it’s not Corbyn who’s dividing the party, it’s the PLP’s New Labour contingent.

  2. I think UKIP are well past their high water mark,they may drag on for a few years as a local protest party but at national level the Tories have stolen their thunder.


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