Sunday, December 10, 2023

Thurrock Council statistics reveal how busy Tim Aker’s office is

FIGURES from Thurrock Council show that between April and September 2016, the Office of Tim Aker MEP sent in 213 enquiries to Thurrock Council compared to a combined total of 133 from both of Thurrock’s MPs. In the 2015/2016 year the Office sent in 554 compared to the combined total of both MPs at 424.

Cllr Tim Aker said: “These figures show just how hard we have worked for the people of Thurrock. I believe we have this track record of real help for local people because I am the only politician in Thurrock that has an office readily available and open for residents to come in and seek help.

“People ask what is the secret of UKIP’s success, and I tell them it’s not rocket science, we just work twice as hard for local residents than the others. These figures show that UKIP works hard for Thurrock, that I work hard for the people and the community I was born and brought up in.

“If residents have an issue then I encourage them to call the office on 01375 415 650 or visit us at 49-51 Orsett Road, Grays, RM17 5HJ. We’re here to work for you.”



  1. So UKIP’s Tim Aker sends Thurrock Council more enquiries than our beloved MPs? Is this really surprising? Jackie Doyle-Price does sod all unless she agrees with what is being said and ignores the rest which means people stop going to her for help…because she doesn’t give a toss. I can only assume that Stephen Metcalfe is of a similar disposition. Tim Aker, as an MEP, has to take up the slack as an elected representative. What is annoying is that, although we have no elected representative at the national level from Labour, the Labour candidate is nowhere to be seen regarding local issues. Labour may not be supplying Thurrock an MP but that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t be offering support to their prospective future constituents in the meantime because that might just make people think about them at election time.


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