Sunday, July 14, 2024

Rugby: No place for T-Birds in top league

No place for the T-Birds

Statement by Thurrock Rugby Club

THURROCK RFC is surprised and extremely disappointed by the decision by the RFU to exclude Thurrock Ladies from the new women’s elite competition.

We have made every effort to follow the application process and in doing so have confirmed that we can meet all the required standards as specified.

We do not accept the reasons given as to why we have not been selected and on the contrary believe that we are one of a very few clubs that can, as of today, already satisfy the necessary conditions regarding players, coaching and facilities.

We presented what we believe was an achievable budget for delivering all of the specified support and facilities to provide the necessary players and performance improvements. We did not propose to spend money that we could not deliver.

We have proven our ability to deliver over many seasons and have one of the most experienced Women’s team set-ups behind the scenes.

There are a number of issues surrounding this whole process and we will endeavour to appeal this decision.


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